My name is John Paulding.  I’m a machine shop owner from Southern Illinois and this blog is my effort to document building my dream:  The Paulding Racer.

What is the Paulding Racer you ask?  Several years ago I sat down and asked myself that very question.  As I see it, it is a complete re-imagination of the sport motorcycle, free from the limitations of racing class rules, government regulations and the restrictions of designing for mass production.  It has only one purpose:  To be the fastest thing on two wheels, or as close to it as I can achieve.

While many people will say that the sport motorcycle has reached the pinnacle of performance, I see it differently.  I think sport motorcycle development has plateaued and is waiting for the next leap in technology.  Just like the P-51 and Spitfire of WWII were the plateau of piston-engined fighter plane technology, todays sport bike has reached the limits of what can be done with “conventional” design.

The sport bike of today is still begging for more power, more efficient aerodynamics, better suspension, more comfortable rider ergonomics and perhaps the biggest leap:  Fully integrated computerized stability control and traction management.  Some top-level racers and weekend riders alike will say these improvements are unnecessary or unwanted and that the sport motorcycle has reached the limits of it’s human rider.  I disagree.

Just like the computerized stability augmentation system and turbine engine revolutionized military and commercial aviation, similar technologies applied to the current state of the art can improve the most dynamically complex road-going vehicle:  The motorcycle.

It’s a daunting project of enormous proportions, my favorite kind!



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