I’ll begin this blog by offering a welcome to all those who will read my ramblings now and in the future.  Through this blog I plan to document the inspiration, design, testing and building of my dream, an extremely fast motorcycle.  This machine isn’t a drag racing bike, or a salt flat bike, but one meant for road racing.  Unlike most of the bikes built for racing this one won’t be built to or hampered by the rules of a racing class, it will be in a class of its own.  Anything goes.

As I begin this project I can’t help but look back at how I got here.  I consider myself to be a student of history, although perhaps not a good one.  My inspiration started early as my parents were more than willing to do anything within their power to provide me with the tools to gain knowledge, no matter the cost or inconvenience.  If it wasn’t for their patience and guidance in my formative years none of this would be possible, nor would I have ever had the opportunity to discover what I love.

Thanks Mom and Dad, I owe you more than you know.


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  1. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams!! I have been following you on GJ and have been inspired by your motivation and skills!! I raced go-karts as a teenager and was blessed to have a friend who was the President of McCulloch oil!! yeah I had lots of 2 cycle engines to play with!! So best of luck!! Shaun Preston
    Lake Arrowhead Ca.

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